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What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while

Your vacations are here, and it is likely that you have been waiting for them for quite a while. We women can often be very hard on ourselves, so the first thing to do is to relax and let the feelings of guilt for food stay at home.

I am a promotor of balance, I do not like extremes however we women often find ourselves in them: we worry day and night about putting weight during vacations which at the long run does not allow us to enjoy them or on the other hand we throw our whole lifestyle overboard and overeat to the point that we suffer from indigestion. I do not recommend any of the two positions for I consider them unhealthy. With my clients I am always focusing on balance and emphasize the importance of what we do on a daily basis is more important than what is do once in a while. That is why I have prepared some recommendations for you, so you can enjoy your holiday and return home without feeling bad about yourself, desperate to start a strict diet or an extreme Détox.
1) Get ready

  • When you have chosen your holiday destination, spend some time researching what restaurants or cafés you would like to visit. If you have a certain type of nutrition tendency such as paleo, vegan, gluten free or if you love freshly harvested organic food, this is your chance to visit a specialized restaurant, try new recipes and be marveled by flavored ingredients not easily found at home.
  • When choosing an accommodation consider a place that fits your needs. If you are spending a long vacation in the same destination, I recommend you rent an apartment with a small kitchen where you can have breakfast or prepare yourself a homemade meal. Not only will you be kind to your health but it will also be of great help to your budget. If the trip is short, check the breakfast options offered by your hotel and whether it is worth hiring or you can go out for breakfast to a place that offers better options.
  • When packing, consider taking sportswear. If your trip is near a beach you could have time for walking or jogging in the morning. If you go to a big city, and if you are a yoga fan you could visit a highly recommended place and try out new styles and teachers.
  • At home, when preparing your handbag for the flight, you must consider packing some easy to transport healthy snacks so you can enjoy at the plane.  Here are some options: fresh or dried fruit, mix of nuts, seeds, black chocolate, energy bars or protein bites. There are some personal almond butter packages which I personally love (Justin’s almond butter Squeeze Packs).

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2) Take flight


  • Experts recommend fasting for 2 hours before your flight since digestion becomes inefficient with the pressure on the plane.
  • Before fasting, prepared yourself a super bowl of leafy greens. This type of food fights against radiation to which we are exposed during the flight and it also helps the blood in your body circulate better caused by air pressure. I recommend a large bowl of salad containing: kale, spinach, basil, arugula, broccoli or greens mix. Limit your portion of animal protein or change it with any plant base proteins, because this type of protein is better for our digestion. Avoid all foods that are high in sodium and trans fats.• Unfortunately the airplane food is not very nutritious, it is full of preservatives, artificial ingredients, it is high in sodium and refined carbohydrates; therefore I recommend that you take in your handbag healthy options that allow you to be comfortable during the flight.
  • Limit intake of caffeine and alcohol before and during the flight; drink plenty of water to counteract the effects of dehydration in the air.
  • During the flight, walk up and down the aisles, gently make stretching movements in your own seat to help your circulation.
  • Remember that planes can often be a source of diseases or viruses, particularly influenza. I recommend taking vitamin C or any dose of complex B some days before your trip. Take an anti-bacterial hand wash and cleanse your hands often.
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3) Practice Rule: 80% -20%

  • It consists of eating healthy 80% of the time and giving yourself a margin of 20% to eat out of the lines, remember you are on vacation. Every woman is unique and has a different metabolism, if you know you do not gain weight easily you feel free to play with the percentages and find the balance that feels right to you.
  • When you have reached your destination, I recommend you buy healthy snacks you can store in your hotel or in your accommodation; they can be very useful when there are no healthy options at hand.
  • Start your days by drinking a glass of water before doing anything else, it is important to get your digestion system moving because it is likely that the aircraft and food away from home could make you suffer from a bit of constipation. If you can put half a lemon in a glass of water to give your body alkalinity it would be great.  Take advantage of the hotel’s breakfast, it usually offers fresh fruit and eggs, tea or coffee. Many hotels offer to prepare you a fresh omelette, so choose plenty of vegetables like mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. Avoid refined pastries and carbohydrates for breakfast, leave croissants or waffles for an occasional meal.
  • Before leaving the hotel, place in your purse a healthy snack in case you feel hungry during the city tours and it is not lunch time yet.
  • Seek balance when organizing your meals, if you have booked dinner at a restaurant you’ve been long wanting to visit, then It will be better for you to have a light lunch: a salad with a variety of vegetables, your favorite animal or vegetable protein and some good quality carbohydrate energy will allow you to continue with your day. Remember the problem is not carbohydrates but the type and quality of carbohydrates. At dinner, simple enjoy!
  • Avoid eating refined sugar on a daily basis; this is where we women fall into temptation. Leave dessert and alcohol for special occasions on your trip.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, I personally have water bottles purchased in advanced and always have them at hand, thus no excuse of not having time to stop to buy water during the day. Remember, the holidays are not always there, what matters is what you do every at home every single day and what your routines consist of, so keep the balance and enjoy without losing your mind.

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