Arzak is an Experience

We didn’t have reservations. My head started spinning around, how was that possible?.  Made them myself online. –Did you receive an email confirmation? – asked me the hostess. I mumbled, –I think so…don’t remember really…–…

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Directed by: Emilio Martínez Lázaro Comedy 2014   When ever I travel, try to read or see art from the place I am going to. It helps me understand the culture and tune into the…

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Basquiat in Basque

“Believe it or not I can actually draw” Basquiat’s quote on the entrance wall. The main attraction was the building itself. The Guggenheim, designed by the one and only Frank Ghery, if tele-transportation was possible,…

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One of my favorite activities to do when traveling is going to markets, antiques, fleas, food and beverages, all sorts of them. Buying vintage things always gets me excited, I enjoy the whole process. First…

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Vintage Shopping Address Book

London:   Alfies Antique Market: 13-25 Church St, London NW8 8DT, GB Camden Market: Camden High St, London NW1 8NH, GB   Paris:  St Ouen Market: 143 Rue Rosiers Open only: Saturday, Sunday…

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