24 hrs in Soho

Because NYC is so big and offers so many options, I will continue writing guides by Neighborhood. This time is about SOHO. If you like yoga, I suggest you start the day taking a class…

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Run Away Party

I called this experience “ Run Away Party”, because all of us are haunted by a “little voice” that constantly reminds uso of the past, worries us about the future, judges, and terrorizes us. Life…

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Slow Travel

Sounds extreme? Considering most of us have limited amount of time and budget for vacations, slow travel is as ilogical as throwing money down the toilet. We have been programmed to think that those days…

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Paris I love You

For Victor Hugo and Antoine Saint Exupery. For Balzac. For Flaubert and his wonderful “ Madame Bovary”. For Teilhard de Chardin and his progressive mind and heart. For Descartes and his method. Because Voltaire was…

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Secret Code: “Asnieres”

Behind any wall, any corner, any street is Asnieres. Not exactly, Asnieres is the name of the town. But for the people that conform Louis Vuitton the name of the house is “ Asnieres”, they…

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