Directed by: Emilio Martínez Lázaro




When ever I travel, try to read or see art from the place I am going to. It helps me understand the culture and tune into the local costumes, in general enhances my experience. Days before my trip to Basque Country saw this movie again.

Written with great sense of humor. Acted with the naturalness of great actors. Filmed in the beautiful scenery of Basque Country, which makes it really easy on the eye. All of it would have been enough to make this movie worth watching, but its merits go further. It deals with complex subjects like nationalism, terrorism and Spain regional differences, with a wise, loving and delicate sense of humor. Without being demeaning of the drama from this chapter of Spain’s history. Without being bias or taking sides, brings the subject to the table. Doesn’t judge, doesn’t point fingers. Doesn’t give lectures. Tells the dramatic story with respectful grace.

Highly recommended.

PS: the church that appears on the movie is Ermita de San Telmo

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