Blue Hill Farm: La Experiencia En una época en que cocinar y comer se plantean como decisiones éticas, la propuesta de Dan Barber, el chef fundador de Blue Hill Farm,  es una digna de aplauso.  Quizå se debe a que Barber, es un Chef con alma de agricultor.  De agricultor, sustentable. Cocina lo que estå en temporada, deja que sea la naturaleza […]

Oaxaca for Foodies

OAXACA FOR FOODIES:   CRIOLLO: If you are a fan of super famous Mexican Chef Enrique Olvera, ask for reservations well in advance. More  than a traditional Mexican Cuisine, this restaurant that is a Oaxacan Food Lab owned both by Olvera and Luis Arellano (oaxacan born). Don’t look for a menu, because its 6 course, […]

A Mountain Full of Magic by @robinski_

There is a country in the middle of the world called Ecuador, and there is a volcano in the middle of Ecuador, called Chimborazo. Northwest of Riobamba, the Chimborazo rises. The majestic, imposing and eternal watchtower of the Universe. Covered with perpetual snow. It always shines at sunset and glows with the moonlight. With a […]

Tokyo, a City Made for the Ultimate Foodie.

Written by: @cazadordelomejor Japan is the ultimate foodie experience. Being one of the biggest food-experience seekers there is, I knew my next big trip had to be somewhere far, somewhere different and somewhere with a strong food culture. One step into Narita International Airport and I was already dreaming of what I’d be having for […]