The Invisible People

    We’ve all seen them… sometimes. I’ve named them “The Invisible People”, they really aren’t, but even though they occupy a space, and their shape, weight and form is perceptible by our senses…we don’t always see them.  Human nature and it’s mysteries.   Parenthesis. Once while watching a very predictable movie – no offense […]

Paris I love You

For Victor Hugo and Antoine Saint Exupery. For Balzac. For Flaubert and his wonderful “ Madame Bovary”. For Teilhard de Chardin and his progressive mind and heart. For Descartes and his method. Because Voltaire was french. For Focault and his Queer Theory. For Pascal and Irigaray. For Jean Paul and Simone’s love. For existentialism. For […]

Changing the world little by little…(or at least trying)

All of us, each of us, have the power to change the world.  It isn’t necessary  to become a hero or a saint, there is no need to be powerful, or rich. It would be enough to do all the ordinary things, even the boring and insignificant ones with extraordinary love, as Mother Teresa suggested. […]