A day at the Meatpacking District NYC


As someone who has the priviledge to travel to NYC often I am in an interesting position to see it. Neither a tourist, nor a local. Comfortable as home, but not quite to become used to it. Close enough to have a public library card, and a friend at the market downstairs, who knows how i like my tuna salad; but not so much to complain about the mayor or the masses of tourists.

That position helps me suggest a few interesting spots for people to visit when in NY. The problem for visitors is that it has so many options that is hard to decide and the traffic makes the transportation an issue too. So I preffer each day to stay in an particular neighborhood and enjoy all it has to offer.

The Meatpacking District.-

Is definetely one of my favorites neighboorhoods in town. I suggest to start the morning having breakfast either inside the coffee shop at the Whitney’s Museum or at the Gansevoort Market.

After breakfast, start at the Whitney Museum –its specialty is American Art so its interesting to do so while in NYC- the museum is big, start at the 8th floor, the terrace has amazing views of the city and the Hudson river. From them work yourself down to the 7th floor and so on. Make sure to don’t miss Edward Hopper’s , Ed Rushka’s, Georgia O’keefe’s and Basquiat’s art.

After that, you can walk to the High Line, the stairs are right there at the corner of Gansevoort and Washington Street. Don’t miss checking the menu in Santina, because it ‘s a great option for dinner.

When you finish the High Line’s visit, I suggest to go down stairs at 14th Street, so you can walk a little and explore the shops there: Jeffreys, Joies, Levis, DVF, The Kooples, Kiehls, Asics. Here you will also find the Ground Zero Museum WorkShop.

Afterwards you can walk Washington Street that has the famous Bond Street Perfume, Scoop, Zadig and Voltaire Intermix, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Killiam Perfume.

To have lunch you can’t go wrong, there are plenty of options. If you want a fast lunch the best places are inside the Chelsea Market or the Gansevoort Market, all delicious, but if you want to sit down and relax there is The Standard Grill, Bagatelle, or Dos Caminos.

After lunch there is still plenty to do, if you are at the Chelsea Market you can check the rest of it, the building used to be the Old Nabisco Factory –birthplace to the Oreo cookie- there is a beautiful bookstore, an english specialty gourmet food market, the Fat Witch Brownie –best brownies in USA according to Oprah- and a Artisan Flea Market.

If you want to continue shopping you can check 9th Ave that has a corner Apple Store and many more. If not go to the Biergarden at the Standard, even if you dont drink beer –i don’t- the place is very cool. It’s open setting, with ping pong tables, a beautiful bar, it attracts lots of New Yorkers after office.

For dinner – try and make reservations earlier- Spice Market, Budakkan or Santina are all amazing options.

You can also check my guide at: http://townske.com/guide/8032/meatpacking-district

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